The data sampled here is one of the largest collaborative efforts in the project. Each member of the project sampled 100 profiles from the documents made available on and the New York State archives. Over 1100 prisoners were sampled in total, and then compiled based on date registered. Here, their data has been sorted and analyzed, and is now displayed in graphs. You will be able to see the prisoners on their most basic level; how tall they were, what skin tones they had, what crimes they committed. You can browse through decade by decade, or you can see all of the data in full. A discussion of sampling methods and sources of error is also available for viewing.

Table of Contents

  1. The First Decade: 1865-1874
  2. The Second Decade: 1875-1884
  3. The Third Decade: 1885-1894
  4. The Fourth Decade: 1895-1904
  5. The Fifth Decade: 1905-1912
  6. Aggregate
  7. Sampling Methods and Sources of Error